Hi there! I’m a self-motivated, adaptive, and continual learner with a passion for Geographic Information Science (GIS) and related technologies. 

In my previous roles as a Website Content Administrator, Digital Production Coordinator, and Digital Advertising Strategist, I’ve honed my skills in executing graphic design projects, managing social media, and developing advertising strategies. I have extensive experience with software such as ArcGIS for Desktop and extensions, Adobe Suite, and Microsoft and Google Suite, as well as field skills such as GPS and compass operation, map reading, and photography and videography. 

Beyond work, I’m passionate about sports, music, travel, cooking, coffee, photography, technology, videography,  and YouTube, and Reddit. I’m always eager to learn and grow, so I’m excited to take on new challenges and expand my skills and knowledge. If you’re looking for someone who is versatile, motivated, and dedicated to excellence, then look no further!